Anthony Denzer, Ph.D., M.Arch.

I am Department Head of Civil & Architectural Engineering at the University of Wyoming. 

I am an architectural historian focusing on the modern period (1920s-1960s) with special attention to social and environmental issues.  I also study energy use in buildings. My current research focus is on the Swedish homebuilding industry and its history.

If you are are interested in studying Swedish homebuilding as a graduate student, please contact me. 

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In 2015 Outside In: The Architecture of Smith and Williams was published by Getty Publications.  I contributed a chapter called "No Coincidence: Whitney Smith and Japanese Influences at Midcentury."  (It is not about solar heating.)  The book is available at Amazon here and through the Getty here.

In 2005 I published Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary
I recently revisited this subject and wrote a book chapter entitled "Gregory Ain: Under Surveillance," which is based on new information about Ain's political activities obtained from the FBI.  It will be published soon in a volume edited by Anthony Fontentot for UR (Urban Research).