Some sources pertinent to solar house history that are available on the web, ordered roughly by the narrative structure of the book:
*new May 2015
**new April 2015

General Period Sources (pre-1970)
1945 Henry N. Wright and George Nelson book: Tomorrow's House (full text); Chapter 15 is "Solar Heating"
1948 Geoffrey Baker & Bruno Funaro book: Windows in Modern Architecture; section "Solar Heat"
1951 HHFA report: Climate and Architecture: Selected References
1952: "The Possibilities of Solar Energy" from Resources for Freedom  (Paley Commission report)
1953 Palmer Putnam book: Energy in the Future (full text)
1954 UNESCO report: "Report on the Sources and Uses of Energy in Arid Zones" (pdf)
1955 Life article: "Fresh Face to the Sun"
1955 Mechanix Illustrated article: "Hot News about the Sun"
1955 Popular Science article: "New Sun Furnaces May Cool Houses, Too"
1956 University of Kansas bulletin: Natural Light and the Inside-outside Heliodon
1958 Groff Conklin book: The Weather-Conditioned House (full text)
1959 Richard C. Jordan paper: "The Future of Solar Heating"

George Fred Keck and his circle
1933: House of Tomorrow
     Official booklet (pdf)
     Alpha Rho Chi article (pdf; p.4)
     Archival images at Art Institute of Chicago [Link]
     Archival images at Flickr:  [Plan] [Exterior view]
     HABS documents at Library of Congress
     The House of Tomorrow Postcard
1933 Museum of Modern Art press release (pdf)
1940: Sloan House
     Alpha Rho Chi article (pdf; p.2) (from Chicago Tribune)
1944 Patent: Radiant Heating for Buildings
1944: Green's Ready-Made Homes
     Brochure images [cover] [back]
     Popular Mechanics article (1945): "Your Solar Home is all Wrapped Up"
     Central States Research report (1946): The Story of Factory-made Houses (Keck; p. 7 & 12)
     Maison Française images (1947) [Link]
     Burnham Kelly book (1951): The Prefabrication of Houses
1944 Popular Mechanics article: "Solar House Reduces Fuel Bills by One-Third"
1984: Paul Schweikher interview (pdf) by Betty Blum ("A Regale of Tales")
1991: William Keck oral history
1995: Robert Bruce Tague oral history
1998 Chicago Tribune article: "Cold And Dreary Chicago Was An Early Sun City"
2012 Denzer paper: "Prefab + Solar at Midcentury" (pdf)

1944-45 pamphlet: "Solar Houses: An Architectural Lift in Living"
1946 pamphlet: "Thermopane"
1946 patent: "Method and Apparatus for use in Designing Solar Houses"
1951: Sun Angle Calculator 

Your Solar House (1947)
2008 Denzer paper: "The Solar House in 1947" (pdf)
Harwell Hamilton Harris, California house: [1] [2]
Harris Armstrong, Missouri house; 2007 blog by Andrew Raimist: [1] [2]
Stonorov & Kahn, Pennsylvania house: Archival Image Gallery
Article on Ruth Reynolds Freeman’s Vermont house

Henry N. Wright
1945 book Tomorrow's House (full text) by Wright and George Nelson; Chapter 15 is "Solar Heating"
2001 Joanna Kendig thesis: "The Ramirez Solar House: A Case Study of Early Solar Design" (pdf)
2005 Old House Journal article: "Let the Sun Shine"
2008 Tom Solon article: "Rehabilitation of Henry Wright’s Ramirez Solar House"
Ramirez house photo album on Flickr

Arthur T. Brown
Ball-Paylore house archival photos
2010 Denzer paper: "Arthur T. Brown: Pioneer of Passive Solar Architecture" (pdf) 

MIT group
Archival photos from MIT Museum
1940 Popular Science article illustrated with MIT house 1
1949 Popular Science article featuring MIT house 3
1949 The Tech article: "Solar House Occupied" (pdf)
1949 The Tech article: "Tech Family Finds Solar House Life Is Pretty Hot Stuff" (pdf; p.2)
1950 The Tech article: "Symposium Explores Possibilities Of Solar Heating For Houses" (pdf)
1950 The Tech article: "Heating Unit Shows Success" (pdf)
1957 article on MIT house 4: "The House that Stores the Sun"
1958 British Pathé film on MIT house 4
1962 Popular Mechanics article: "Sun Heats Test Home"
1963 Hottel paper: "Collection of Solar Energy"
1976 Dietz & Czapek paper: "M.I.T. Solar House 2"
1978 Popular Science article on MIT Solar Five
1998 Victoria LaGuette MS thesis on Lawrence B. Anderson (pdf)

Maria Telkes
Maria Telkes archival photos: [1]  [2]
*Maria Telkes items at MIT Museum
Dover Sun House archival photos: [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]
1946 patent: Radiant Energy Heat Transfer Device
1949 Popular Science article featuring Dover Sun House
1951 patent: Composition of Matter for the Storage of Heat
1951 patent: Heat Storage Unit
1952 patent: Method and Apparatus for the Storage of Heat
1952 patent: Apparatus for Storing and Releasing Heat
1980 Popular Science article: "Solar salts"
1996 New York Times obituary
2010 MIT Article: "The House of the Day After Tomorrow"

Bridgers & Paxton
1956 Life article: "Warm Winter Behind Glass"
1957 Popular Mechanics article: "Albuquerque Solar Building"
1974 Frank Bridgers letter to Congress
1974 Stanley Gilman paper: "Solar Assisted Heat Pumps"
1974 Stanley Gilman report: Evaluation of the Solar Building (pdf)
1978 Popular Science article: "Higher efficiency with solar-assisted heat pumps"

Raymond W. Bliss
Bliss house archival photos: [1]  [2]
1954 patent: Solar Water Heating System
1955 Life article: "Fresh Face to the Sun"
1976 Bliss article: "Why not just build the house right in the first place?"

Felix Trombe
1976 Trombe paper: "Some Performance Characteristics of the CRNS Solar House Collectors"
recent photo of original Trombe house

Douglas Kelbaugh
1977 article: "Passive Solar Design Using a Two-Story Trombe Wall"
1977 excerpt: "The Doug Kelbaugh House" from Passive Solar Buildings: A Compilation...

Peter van Dresser
1975 Mother Earth News interview
1976 van Dresser paper: "Sundwellings Presentation"
1977 Mother Earth News article: "The Sundwellings Project"
1978 Popular Science article on Sundwellings project

First Village, Santa Fe; Balcomb House
1977 Sandia Nat'l Labs article: "Unit 1 First Village" (pdf)
1979 Mother Earth News article: "Unit One: A Solar Adobe Home"
1979 Progressive Architecture article (pdf)
1980 Balcomb paper: "Performance evaluation of the Balcomb solar house"
1989 New Mexico magazine article on William Lumpkins (pdf)

Wisconsin Solar Energy Laboratory
Arlington House:
     1975 thesis: "The design and predicted performance of Arlington House"
     1977 article: "UW Engineers Design Solar Energy Research House"
     1977 article: "Unique Design Components to Improve Efficiency of Solar Heating System"
1976 John Duffie & William Beckman article: "Solar Heating and Cooling" (pdf)
1976: John Duffie Oral History
1978 DOE report: On Simulation and Design of Solar Thermal Processes
1997: Clayton Smith Oral History

The 1970s-80s: Other houses
1974: Integral Urban House
     1976 Mother Earth News article: "Urban Homesteading: The Integral Urban House"
     1980 Mother Earth News article: "The Integral Urban House"
1975: Decade 80 Solar House
     1975 newspaper article
     1975 The Official article (pdf)
     1976 article "Here Comes the Sun": [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]
     1978 NASA report: "Instrumentation at the Decade 80 solar house in Tucson, Arizona"
1977: TERA One house
     1977 advertisement
1975: USAFA Solar Test House
     1977: Second Interim Technical Report (pdf)
     1980: Final Interim Technical Report (pdf)
1976: NASA Tech House
     1977 report: NASA Tech House
     1979 report: NASA Tech House; [mirror site] 
1977: ACES Demonstration House
     1976 ORNL report: Design Report for the ACES Demonstration House
     1977: Popular Science article
     1978 ORNL report: Performance report for the ACES demonstration house, August 1976--August 1977
     1978 ORNL report: ACES Demonstration: Construction, Startup, and Performance Report
     1981 Harry C. Fischer paper: "Energy Storage and Time-of-Day Rates"
1980: Carlisle House:
     1981 DOE report: Carlisle house: An all-solar-electric residence (pdf)

The 1970s-80s: General Sources
1974 Popular Science article: "Can sunshine heat (and cool) your house?"
1977 Kaiman Lee book: Encyclopedia of Energy-Efficient Building Design: 391 Practical Case Studies
**1979 Oregon State thesis: "Passive solar heating residences"
1981 Buck Rogers article: "Taking the Mystery out of Passive Solar Design"
1981 New York Times article: "Assessing Solar House Architecture"
1984 Popular Mechanics article: "Best New Homes under the Sun"
New Alchemy publications online
Vintage Solar House Plans

The 1970s-80s: Reports
1974 National Academy of Sciences report: Solar Heating-Cooling of Buildings: Current Building Community Projects
1975 ERDA report: Catalog on Solar Energy Heating and Cooling Products
1975 National Research Council of Canada report: Solar Heating - The State of the Art (pdf)
1976: AIA research report: Solar Dwelling Design Concepts
1976 NASA report: An Inexpensive Economical Solar Heating System for Homes (pdf)
1977 CSU report: Solar Heating and Cooling of Residential Buildings: Design of Systems
1977 CSU report: Solar Heating and Cooling of Residential Buildings: Sizing, Installation, and Operation of Systems (pdf)
1977 HUD report: Passive Design Ideas for the Energy Conscious Architect
1977 HUD report: Solar Energy and Your Home
1978: AIA research report: Solar Architecture (pdf)
1978: AIA research report: Passive Technology (pdf)
1978: AIA research report: Passive Solar Design: An Extensive Bibliography
1978: AIA research report: A Survey of Passive Solar Buildings 
1978: AIA research report: Regional Guidelines for Building Passive Energy Conserving Homes
1978 Congressional report: Application of Solar Technology to Today's Energy Needs
1978 DOE report: Building the Solar Home: Some Early Lessons Learned
1979 DOE report: The First Passive Solar Home Awards
1979 OTA report: Residential Energy Conservation (pdf)
1979 Alex Wilson report: Thermal Storage Wall Design Manual (pdf)
1980 SERI report: Passive Design: It's A Natural
1980 HUD report: Selling the Solar Home '80
1981 HUD report: New Energy-conserving Passive Solar Single-family Homes
1981 Steven Winter report: Passive Solar Construction Handbook
1982 DOE report: A Research Agenda: Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems
1984 SERI report: Passive Solar Performance

The 1970s-80s: State-specific Reports
1977 NASA/JPL report: Solar energy in buildings: Implications for California energy policy
1981 Phillip Tabb paper: "Solar Architecture in Colorado"
1982 report: Path to Passive: Nebraska's Passive Solar Primer (pdf)
1983 report: Nebraska Residential Solar Architecture: A Representative Inventory (pdf)
1987 report: A Builder’s Guide to Iowa’s IDEAL Homes (pdf)

History of Insulation
1928 Cabot pamphlet: "Build warm houses with Cabot's quilt"
1930 Johns-Manville pamphlet: "The Invisible Home"
1931 National Bureau of Standards report: Heat transfer through building walls
1931 National Committee on Wood Utilization report: "House insulation: its economies and application"
1936 Johns-Manville pamphlet: "101 Practical Suggestions for Home Improvements"
1936 Insulite pamphlet: "Facts about roof insulation"
1942 Paul Close report: Building Insulation
1944 Univ of Illinois report: "Fuel Savings Resulting from use of Insulation and Storm Windows" (pdf)
1947 Paul Close report: Thermal Insulation of Buildings
1948 USDA report: "Your farmhouse: insulation and weatherproofing"
1949 Celotex pamphlet: "How you can build better homes at lower cost"
1951 USDA report: Thermal Insulation (pdf)
1965 USDA report: "Thermal insulation for building construction"

History of Superinsulation
Lo-Cal house:
     **1976 Univ. of Illinois Small Homes Council publication: "Council Notes: Illinois Lo-Cal House" (pdf)
     1976 Univ. of Illinois Small Homes Council video: "Solar House Design"
     1982 McCulley paper: "Energy Monitoring Results of a Superinsulated Passive Solar Building" (pdf)
Saskatchewan Conservation house:
     1981 Dumont & Orr paper: "Air Tightness Measurements of Detached Houses in the Saskatoon Area" (pdf)
     1983 Dumont & Orr paper: "Low Energy Houses" (pdf)
     2011 Monte Paulson article: "Step Inside the Real Home of the Future"
     2013 Harold Orr article: "The Saskatchewan Conservation House in Retrospect"
Leger house:
     1980 Popular Science article: "Double-Wall House" (Leger house)
1981 Popular Science article: "Super-insulated Houses"
1982 Mother Earth News article: "Super-Insulated House Plans"
1982 National Research Council of Canada report: Thermal Envelope Houses (pdf)
1983 Brookhaven Natl Lab study: Blouin Superinsulated House
2010 Martin Holladay presentation: "The History of Superinsulated Houses in North America" (pdf)
2010 Martin Holladay blog: "Solar Versus Superinsulation: A 30-Year-Old Debate"

Recent Sources (historical)

*2000 Mother Jones article: "Prodigal Sun"
2001 Adam Rome book chapter: "From the Solar House to the All-Electric House"
2012 Jim Laukes presentation: "Notes on the Taproots of Passive House: 1933-1984" (link to video)
2012 Harvard Business School report: “Power from Sunshine: A Business History of Solar Energy" (pdf)
2013 John Perlin article: "Seven of the Greatest Solar Stories Over the Millennia"
2013 John Perlin article: "Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy"
2013 John Perlin article: "How Ronald Reagan Turned Out the Lights on Solar Power"
**2013 John Perlin lecture: "Let it Shine"