Wolfgang Langewiesche and Climate Control

A fascinating 'supporting character' in the history of climate-responsive architecture in the Midcentury period is Wolfgang Langewiesche.

Langewiesche wrote for House Beautiful, working with editor Elizabeth Gordon.  He was a key contributor to the Climate Control Project that the magazine created in concert with the AIA, a seminal effort to educate architects about heating & cooling, and other environmental issues.*  As I wrote in the book: "No publication in America or elsewhere gave more positive attention to the solar house."

I've created the following Bibliography of articles written by Langewiesche for House Beautiful.  It's an impressive list.

"So You Think You're Comfortable" (October 1949)
"How to Fix your Private Climate" (October 1949)
"How to Pick your Private Climate" (November 1949)
"Don't You See?" (December 1949)
"Your House in Florida" (January 1950)
"Why You Feel Hot or Cold" (February 1950)
"How to Control the Sun" (March 1950)
"How to Live Comfortably in the Southwest Desert" (April 1950)
"Wind Control in Hot Weather" (June 1950)
“Can you Control the Wind?” (June 1950)
"How to Get Wind Control" (June 1950)
"How to Manipulate Sun and Shade" (July 1950)
"There's a Gold Mine under Your House" (August 1950)
"Why Does Insulation Insulate?" (September 1950)
"A Quickie Course in Climate Control" (November 1950)
"Different Places Need Different Houses" (January 1951)
"Your House in the Fall" (October 1951)
"The Next American House by a Man who’s Going to Build One" (April 1953)
"The Pace Setter Heat Pump" (February 1955)
"Summer Heat is Man-made" (June 1955)
"The Builder House: What Kind of House Is it?" (November 1956)
"Everybody Can Own a House" (November 1956)

I'm not sure this is full and complete.  Please comment if I'm missing any!

Langewiesche is more noted as an aviation writer.  His book Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying (1944), is considered a classic and is still in print.

Other articles of significance from House Beautiful (not by Langewiesche):

By Elizabeth Gordon:
    "Did You Know that the Heat of the Sun Can Help Heat your House in Winter?" (September 1943)
    "Summer Protector against Solar Heat is the Roof Overhang" (September 1943)
    "The First of the Postwar Prefabricated Houses" on Green's solar homes by Keck (November 1945)
    "What Climate Does to YOU and What You Can Do to CLIMATE" (October 1949)
    "Report on the Climate Control Project" (October 1950)
By James Marston Fitch:
    "How You Can Use House Beautiful's Climate Control Project" (October 1949)
    "The Scientists Behind Climate Control" (October 1949)
By others:
    "What a Big Difference a Little Re-Orienting Makes" (September 1943)
    "Facts I Wager You Don’t Know About Solar Mechanics" (September 1943)
    "Can an Old House be Remodeled for Solar Heating?" (June 1945)
    Jedd S. Reimer, "You Can So Have a Solar House in a Cold Climate" (June 1948)
    W.W. Ward, "Keep the Sun Off Your Windows and You’ll Be Up to 20% Cooler" (June 1948)
    Henry N. Wright, "How to Put a Harness on the Sun" (October 1949)
    Miles Colean, "Climate Control Can Save You Money" (October 1949)
    "Climate Control Goes to the National Academy" (January 1950)

*For more on the Climate Control Project, here's an excellent site created sometime ago by MIT.