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September 2019
A Question of Balance
July-August 2019
Coal Drops Yard
June 2019
Notre-Dame du Raincy
The Borohus Virkesmagasin
May 2019
The Notre-Dame Question
Automated Design
Calculating Solar Heat in the 1930s
April 2019
Jacobsen's SAS Hotel: Facade issues
Solar Form in the 70s
March 2019
In the News: The Dover Sun House
February 2019
Harold Orr Honored
January 2019
Solarpunk heritage: The Dimetrodon
December 2018
Best of 2018
Gregory Ain's Ginoza house
November 2018
Versailles and the history of the skylight
October 2018
The Harvard Home Builder Study
August 2018
Brutalism and Solar
The Next Solar Decathlon
June-July 2018
Architectural Forms
May 2018
Tools: The Globoscope
April 2018
The Big Roof
Solarpunk heritage: Peter van Dresser
March 2018
Wyoming's 100 Classic Buildings
LEED and Energy Use
February 2018
Mies at IIT: "Greenhouses"
January 2018
Against Sustainability
December 2017
Best of 2017
Apple Park, by Foster + Partners
Paris' Zero-Carbon Eco-District
November 2017
Too Expensive: The Solar Decathlon (redux)
Divine Ammunition by Al Farrow
October 2017
Solar Decathlon 2017
September 2017
Tools: The Shading Protractor
August 2017
The Ehrenkrantz Solar Project
The 1975 PPG Solar Center
July 2017
Mies vs. Stirling in London
June 2017
Art Nouveau and Modernisme
May 2017
A Note on Green Building Aesthetics
Solar Jobs, 1978
April 2017
Tools: Libbey-Owens-Ford's Solarometer
Solar Form: Self-Shading
March 2017
House of Tomorrow: Restoration Team
Unearthed: George Fred Keck interview
February 2017
Solar Air Heating
January 2017
Thermal Noon
Solar Futures: The View from 1979
December 2016
Best of 2016
November 2016
Keck's Solar Park: New Videos
Nixon's Energy Policy
October 2016
A few thoughts on the Architecture of Energy-Efficiency
A National Treasure: The House of Tomorrow
September 2016
For Sale: Keck's Sloan House
Speculative Redesign: Unité d'Habitation
No B.S.
August 2016
A Brief History of Unsustainable Architecture
June 2016
Sam Maloof House
Leicester Allen
Keck's Duncan house: a new look
May 2016
Simple Victorian Engineering
April 2016
Solar Futures: The View from 1952
Shakespeare's solar geometry
Sunlight Towers, Lawrence Kocher, 1929
March 2016
2017 Solar Decathlon: Denver
Reyner Banham on Household Energy
February 2016
The Master's Thesis Playbook
Appraising Solar Energy
Some Facts about Air Conditioning
January 2016
Solar Futures: The View from 1978
December 2015
Best of 2015
The 1970s: the Attitudinal Barrier
November 2015
Richard Levine: A 1970s Solar Architect
The Thermostat Age
October 2015
The Batwing 66 in Wyoming
A Few Thoughts on Brutalism
September 2015
The "flawed texture" of history
Help Wanted: The Solar Decathlon
Too Expensive: The Solar Decathlon
August 2015
Preservation Today: The Big Question
Is your window "thermally desirable"?
July 2015
A Paul Siple Quotation
Book Review: Hyperlocalization of Architecture
The Conservatory Effect
June 2015
Marcel Breuer's Villa Sayer
What is the floating world?
The Palm House at Kew Gardens
May 2015
A great Banham quotation
Solar Houses & Preservation: Lovable?
Solar Houses & Preservation: Shearing Layers
April 2015
Heating of Mies van der Rohe's IIT Chapel
Problems and Paradoxes of Architectural History
March 2015
Maison Solaire
February 2015
Trombe Parapets
Hoyt Hall, University of Wyoming
January 2015
The House of Tomorrow Postcard
The Saskatchewan Conservation House: Aesthetic Questions
December 2014
The "Surprisingly Sophisticated" Fallacy
Unearthed: MIT Solar House IV film
A Barry Commoner Quotation
November 2014
Revisiting the Bateson Building
The Air Force Academy solar house
October 2014
Why I care about Building Science
Solar Geometry in France, 1961
September 2014
Solar Futures: The View from 1973
Jørn Utzon's sun-responsive houses
August 2014
Solar Principles and Laramie's Hitchcock House
A note on the solar architecture of the 1970s
July 2014
Saul Bass: A short film on solar energy
An Active Solar Primer
The Solar House: Then and Now, on Youtube
June 2014
Unearthed: The Lo-Cal House
May 2014
Using an Art Museum
April 2014
Alvar Aalto and Solar Geometry
The “Shading Decathlon”?
More thoughts on the Villa Girasole
The Solar Decathlon: Back to Irvine
Hunter's Danforth Chapel at CSU
March 2014
A Hassan Fathy Quotation
User Behavior
Fred Keck's unfinished book
February 2014
Wolfgang Langewiesche and Climate Control
January 2014
Passive Solar Heating: Do's and Don't's
The Roman Baths and Solar Heating
December 2013
The Solar House: 2013 Year in Review
Colonia Elioterapica
Some thoughts on the Julia Morgan AIA Gold Medal
November 2013
Hoyt Hottel's skepticism
Zeilenbau orientation and Heliotropic housing
Keck's Solar Park today
October 2013
Le Corbusier and the Sun
Tools: Libbey-Owens-Ford's Sun Angle Calculator
Tician Papachristou and the George Löf house
Residential Energy Use, 1973-1990
September 2013
Keck's Sloan house II: a new look
August 2013
Reyner Banham on Solar Heating
Unearthed: Dover Sun House comic
Maxwell Fry's Sun House
July 2013
Tuberculosis and Solar Architecture (part 2)
"Freak Houses Mounted on Turn-tables"
Solar Orientation and Historic Buildings
June 2013
A Note on Heated Glass
George Löf house, 1956-2013
Tools: Whit Smith's Solar Tool
May 2013
Tuberculosis and Solar Architecture (part 1)
Public Housing and the ‘Thermal Ghetto’
The Ise Shrine in the age of solar heating
Lawrence B. Anderson on Air Conditioning
April 2013
80 years: The House of Tomorrow
Reyner Banham's Unwarranted Apology
March 2013
The Clothesline Paradoxes
February 2013
Edison's famous quote