More thoughts on the Villa Girasole

My article "The Villa Girasole and the Limits of Biomimicry" is published in the March issue of Italy's Cameracronica magazine, available free to download here.

In it I suggest that Invernizzi's revolving house probably overheated and that 'sunflower' is probably a metaphor that architects ought to give up.  I write: "For most buildings on most days, the problem is not solar access, but solar control."

I should hasten to add that the general concept of Biomimicry in Architecture --- learning and applying principles from nature --- is a valid area of exploration, and I endorse it when it works.  But to practice Biomimicry in Architecture requires a degree of scientific rigor, or if it is purely figurative it should not be expected to succeed on any level other than formal.

Previously I discussed the Villa Girasole here: "Freak Houses Mounted on Turn-tables"