Gregory Ain's Ginoza house

In 2008 my book Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary was published by Rizzoli. It documents Ain’s works and ideas.

Ain’s last project—of minor importance—was a home for William and Midori Ginoza, in 1967 in State College, Pennsylvania. Ain was there for a few years serving as the Dean of Architecture at Penn State. Apart from the 1950 Museum of Modern Art house, it’s the only project in Ain’s oeuvre outside of California.

The Ginoza house was never photographed, and it was the only Ain project I did not visit before writing the book. When I was able to visit in 2013, the original client Bill Ginoza still lived in the house, at age 99. He passed away earlier this year (link).

Since this house has essentially never been seen before, I thought I would share some photos. It is wonderfully site-responsive, oriented to views of Mount Nittany. Prospect and refuge.

DSC_0134 - DSC_0135_blended_fused sm.jpg
DSC_0109 - DSC_0110_blended_fused sm.jpg
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