Leicester Allen

Who was Leicester Allen?  Apparently a key figure in the history of HVAC.  He wrote these articles for Engineering magazine, which are available to read online:

"Heating and Ventilating Homes" (1891)
"The Ventilation of Homes and Schools, Part 1" (1891)
"The Ventilation of Homes and Schools, Part 2" (1891)
"The Manufacture of Ice" (1892)
"Practical Hints on Heating I" (1892)
"Practical Hints on Heating II---The Architect Considered" (1892)
"Practical Hints on Heating III---The Heating Expert" (1892)
"Practical Hints on Heating IV---The Contractor" (1892)
"An Unsettled Question in Ventilation" (1894)
"Heating and Ventilating Tall Buildings" (1895)

In a cursory search, this is the only other information I've been able to find:
"Dr. Allen devoted himself to in­vention and journalism, and produced some valuable inventions, one of the best known being the Allen's dense air ice machine, which is used on board almost all of the warships in the United States for refrigerating purposes, being very effective and safe for this purpose, on account of having no dangerous fumes to deal with, as in the ammonia machines, which would be unsafe aboard ship."  Scientific American, 1911